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Wireless Sensor Network

Industrial Mobile Computers

Advantech industrial mobile computing solutions applied in mobile resource management, such as fleet management, warehouse management system(WMS), worker management, and asset management. The mobile computing products including mobile data terminals(MDT) and vehicle mounted computers are with rugged design, certified power systems, x86 and RISC-based architectures, making them more sustainable and ideal in fleet management and WMS(Warehouse Management System). Advantech also develops various products, featuring a full suite of RF protocols, standardized vehicle diagnostic tools, rich I/O connectors, vibration and shock resistance, and comprehensive software developer kits to facilitate application development, all speeding up time-to market for system integrators to meet diverse industrial requirements.

  • Accessories


    Advantech In-vehicle Computers Mounting Accessories are equipped with Integrated Mounting Holes, making any kind of Vehicle Mounting option a breeze. The Vehicle Mounting kits are perfect choices for securing MDTS to moving vehicles. In addition, Advantech provides customized services to support the diverse needs of ...

  • Mobile Data Terminal

    Mobile Data Terminal

    Advantech's Mobile Data Terminal(MDT) solutions can apply in mobile resource management, in-vehicle surveillance, and fleet management applications. Mobile data terminal(MDT) allows trucks to track fleet owner's mobile resources and truck dispatching and management far more efficient. The mobile data terminal solutions ...

  • Vehicle Mounted Computers

    Vehicle Mounted Computers

    Advantech Vehicle Mounted Computers provide industrial-grade computing solutions for Warehouse Management, Mining Management, and Port Management. They serve as Forklift Computers as well. The in-vehicle computer family serves comprehensive data processing for Warehouse Management, Mining Management. The rugged enclosures ...

  • 2015 WPC_Logistic Optimizations within the Airport Environment, Advantech (EN)

    2015 WPC_Logistic Optimizations within the Airport Environment
    Altay Fellah, Director Sales
    Alexander Wendorff, Solution Manager, INFORM ...

    Last Updated : Jun 12, 2015
  • 2015 WPC_Intelligence in the Warehouse, Advantech(EN)

    Intelligence in the Warehouse

    Last Updated : Jun 12, 2015
  • 2015 WPC_Innovative Solutions that Make Trends in Port Application, Advantech (EN)

    2015 WPC_Innovative Solutions that Make Trends in Port Application

    Robert Bu, Intellindata

    Last Updated : Jun 12, 2015
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